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Tell a Fairy Tale Day: Feb 26th

Apparently, this coming Sunday is Tell a Fairy Tale Day.  I found this great site for some storytelling/teaching resources.

A lot of kids grow up and never hear the original, un-Disney-fied versions of classic fairy tales that have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation.  Some of them are scary, but they were meant to be, because they were actually designed to not only entertain, but to also teach children about the dangers of the world around them, and show how to overcome them.  Today, particularly in western culture, parents are caught in a Catch-22 of attempting to keep our kids safely locked up in their homes where even if we talk about the dangers of the world, we don’t show them how to survive in it.  Fairy tales often empower kids to overcome the evil step-mother or the conniving wolf out to eat them up.  In my mind, fairy tales are an essential parenting tool for helping kids discover themselves.

For some fun, Imagine Toys has a fun list of stories and activities to do with your kids to celebrate.

Here’s a site for find other “holidays” throughout the year.