Life is Story. Story is Life.

Who is Eric Haynes?

Whenever he’s not driving them crazy with bad “knock, knock” jokes, Eric Haynes spends time practicing stories on his wife and three teenage children at their home in Kansas City, MO.  Eric leads children and adults through the tapestry of bible stories, fairy tales, fables, ghost stories, tall tales, and stories of romance, danger, and dragons (not to mention the occasional bridge troll).  He has shared stories at festivals, schools, and churches, and a few family gatherings (whenever he promises not to tell too many corny jokes).

More than just telling stories, Eric believes in guiding others to finding stories that help them discover the joy of reading and finding their own voice in sharing stories they discover in books, or within themselves.  Working with librarians and teachers, Eric helps create storytelling clubs and concerts where children can explore the world of magic and stories while gaining confidence and encouragement.

Eric is a proud member of the River & Prairie Storyweavers of Kansas City, where he gets to hear amazing tales from the best storytellers in the region.  He is also the “chief storyteller” at Shoal Creek Community Church in Pleasant Valley, MO as the Director for Children & Families.

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