Life is Story. Story is Life.

Story Programs

Tropical theme at Reading Adventure Night

A wonderful aspect of storytelling is there are stories to match any event, program, or group, whether a school event for children or teens, a team-building event for adults, or a spiritual retreat for families.  We learn best when hearing stories, and we remember what we hear in a story long after the event, program or training is over.

Whatever the occasion, we can create a storytelling program developed specifically to meet your needs.  I will work with you to determine themes, types of stories, level of audience participation, and length, and help you develop the best program to match your audience and budget.

Give me a call, and we’ll set a time to get together or chat on the phone.  The key pieces of information I”ll need:

  • Dates and times you are considering using a storyteller
  • What kind of space you have and a/v needs for that space
  • Who will be in the audience and what they enjoy
  • What is the primary goal of your event (e.g. entertainment, training, spiritual growth, team-building, promote literacy, etc)
  • Budget constraints, available grant funding requirements, or other financial & administrative requirements for your program
  • Any special requests or types of stories or activities (e.g. magic tricks, story crafts, story games, etc) you desire

If you can imagine it, I want to help you create it.  Whatever type of event you desire, let’s work together to make it a reality that fits your budget, space, time, and audience.  Together, we will create an experience they will be (story)telling to others for years to come.



Comments on: "Story Programs" (2)

  1. Hello, i work with a children’s church ministry at my church and was wondering if you would be able to come to our church facility and tell an inspirational or biblical story? Please let me know if you are available and of any details i might need to be aware of.

  2. Thanks Shayla. Just hit the Contacting Eric page for my contact info and shoot me information on where you are, when you’d need a storyteller, and any other info. Thanks!

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